Brutality are the Champions of the ESL India Premiership Starter Cup #1

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With almost 150 teams battling their way for the title of the ESL India Premiership Starter Cup #1. It all came down to the top two teams, Brutality and Invisible Wings. The finals were ofcourse best-of-3 game where Brutality managed to win the series match-up by 2-1 after being down 0-1.

The first map that was picked up by Brutality was Dust2 and Mirage being picked by Invisible wings and overpass being randomly chosen as the third map of the game.


The first map begun as Brutality starting on the CTside won the first pistol round with the help of three amazing kills by “fox”. The 4th round saw a buy coming from Invisible wings and they winning the round, making the scoreline 3-1. Astar helped his team and tried to close the halftime score 9-6 in the favor of Invisible wings. The second half started with Antidote picking up three kills and pulling off a great pistol round for Invisible wings. Brutality again tried to comeback in the map but Invisible wings closed down the map with the scoreline of 16-13 surprising everyone.

The second map of the game was Mirage that was Invisible wings’s pick and they started on the Tside of the map and with Superman clutching a 1v3, they managed to win the first pistol round. But then Brutality went left behind for quite long and came back stronger and steadily took a lead of 5-2 and from there they closed the first half with a scoreline of 10-5. In the second half pistol round Brutality made a great execution at the B bombsite that lead them to a win in the pistol round. But with Psy taking in some amazing kills in the CT Side Invisible wings once again started to come back in the game but Astarr didn’t really let that happen and Brutality closed the map with a scoreline of 16-12.

The third and the final map of the game was Overpass and Invisible wings started on the CT Side and took the first pistol round with the help of Superman’s three amazing USP Kills. But then Brutality’s eco rush went pretty well and with the help of Adi, they equaled the scoreline to 1-1.Brutality then took over the map completely and winning the first half of the map with a scoreline of 11-4.The second pistol round saw a great execution by Invisible wings and with Energy picking up three glock kills they started to comeback in the game. But with Astar and Rix pulling down some amazing rounds Brutality closed down the map and the game with a scoreline of 16-8.

Team Brutality winning the ESL India Premiership Starter cup #1 and proving that they are the best team in the country, yet again.