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G2 fills the spot of Challengers at ESL One Colonge 2016 over C9

G2. Esports beats Cloud9 to become the final team from the ESL One Colonge Main qualifiers to be at the ESL One Colonge Major 2016.

The head-to-head battle between G2 and Cloud9 have always been nasty for Cloud9 as they’ve been losing constantly to the Frenchmen and have now been scored to a 1-6 over G2.Esports.


With the latest introduction of the Swiss format, where the first three-map winners get qualified and loosers go home, G2. Esports’s massive performance lead the team to victory and they’ll be playing alongside the likes of Challengers and ofcourse the CS:GO legends.

G2’s recent performance has boosted the morale of the team and the organization as a whole since they’ve been subsequent in terms of their gameplay and consistency, with such an adequate leadership by Shox backed by ScreaM’s filthy one-taps, G2. may as well surprise us at the Majors by beating some of the world-class teams when we see them in the next month at Colonge.

Although Shox and n0thing has been present in all the previous majors played, the record goes broken as Jordan and co. will not be taking part at the Colonge.


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