fnatic titled second semi-finalist at ELEAGUE Major 2017


The second leg of quarterfinals of ELEAGUE Major 2017 was played between fnatic and Gambit. Fnatic won the series quite comfortably, defeating Gambit 2-1.

Fnatic, which is also the only team to have attended all the majors ever conducted on this planet made their way to the semi-finals very comfortably. Although they lost their first matchup against G2 Esports, they won the rest three consecutively in the group stages.


Fnatic’s pick Cache had Gambit assembled on the favored side of the map. Gambit although winning the pistol round, failed to capitalize on the opportunity as fnatic claimed the next three rounds by forcing the second one of the map. Gambit survived the rifle round with Adren’s 3K at B bombsite. Twist responded similarly with a triple and got fnatic back to a two-round lead.

Fnatic continued to extend their lead by getting shots one after another; the scores looked 10-2 after twelve rounds. Gambit, though, successfully got the third round on board with the muscle power of AdreN once again. The scores after the first half looked better than expected, 10-5 favoring Fnatic. The second pistols were claimed by Gambit in a surprisingly dominating fashion, with them not losing a single player. But Olofmeister was quick to respond to the second round alongside Dennis, to win anti-eco once again.

Fnatic forced Gambit to pause at a tactical time out and didn’t mind disrespecting it by winning the later round. The team scores 14-6 with Twist leading at 20-9. The first map wrapped up at 16-7.


The second map, Overpass had a sudden turnaround of events. Gambit’s amazing start to the map rewarded them with a five round lead. Dosia’s knife attempt, though, helped fnatic steal guns in their eco rounds, which still didn’t end in their favor. The scores at the end of ninth round were 8-1 to Gambit.

Olofmeister’s 1v1 clutch against Zeus just merely doubled their scores as the scores headed to a 10-2 scoreline. The first half shut at 12-3 in the favor of Gambit Gaming. The second pistol also claimed by Gambit extending their scoreline even further. The map astonishingly ended 15-3 in favor of Gambit.


The third and final map of the juncture, Dust2 had fnatic on the terrorist side of the map with four straight rounds on board. With seven consecutive plays on the B bombsite, fnatic executed all one of them with perfection.

Twist’s twist on the A bombsite on the eight round decimated Gambit’s hope well over as the scoreboard presented 8-0. The score’s ticked on the Gambit’s side as they clinched three quick rounds consecutively. Olofmesiter’s 2K set Gambit back in the backfoot. Muo’s, AdreN’s and Hobbit’s attempt to save their team worked massively in their favor as they claimed a couple of more rounds to get the score back to 9-6.

Fnatic’s triple bombsite take on the A bombsite in the second pistol helped them assure a stellar lead in the final map of the series.

Tactical time out by Gambit did contribute a round to their timeline but only to get destroyed in the following round and another one to make the scoreline 15-7. Fnatic advanced to the semi-finals of the Major for the 10th consecutive time with this win.

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