Astralis have successfully defeated the utterly strong Natus Vincere to advance into the semi-finals of ELEAGUE Major 2017. Astralis beat Na`Vi 2-1 (16-7 Overpass, Mirage 14-16 and 16-10 D2).

Natus Vincere started on the counter-terrorist side of the first map, Overpass. With the magnificent start from Astralis, Na`Vi fell well short of their target. The first half of the map witnessed a pretty dominant streak by the Danes as they took the score in their favor by an outstanding margin of over 9 rounds. The first half ended 12-3 against the Ukrainian side. Overpass concluded with Na`Vi’s depressing defeat, 16-7.

The second map, Mirage, had different tempo from the first one. Na`Vi were on the driving seat in Mirage, with undisputed 7 rounds on board, they forced Astralis to go economically after losing one to them. Astralis managed to win a round after GuardiaN failed to clutched versus three of theirs. Seized although, clinced back the victory after clutching a 1v2 after-plant situation.

Glave, however, played his leading role in getting his team back in game after clutching the thirteen round. At the end of first half, Astralis had six rounds on board. Apparently, both the teams had different versions of their arrangements for the second half. Back and forth into the fields, the game started to look exciting after Astralis initiated a comeback. The second half served superior contention of Mirage. Astralis’ focused attention on the map lead them to four straight rounds, they leveled the scores at 10. Device’s 4K gave Astralis their first lead in the map, and another four rounds followed in their favor with scores 10-14 in their favor.

Simple’s 2K got Na`Vi back in the game. The scores leveled again at 14 when S1mple and Flamie teamed up to defend A bombsite. Glave offered his team an incredible opportunity to capitalize on by getting two quick entry kills in the upper mid, which, however, was denied by the Ukranians as they got back the round with precision. The tempo followed for another 1:45 minutes as Na`Vi won the map 16-14.

After the match’s even scores, the decider map D2 had Natus Vincere on the CT base. Astralis didn’t waste any time to get the first four rounds after winning the pistol. Na`Vi, did come back from there to level the scores back again to 6. And from there further, it was back and forth until the first half froze at 8-7 in favor for Navi. The second pistol of the map was dominated by Navi, but Device’s 3K from his deagle denied them their anti-eco win, the scores 9-8. It was an equalizer by S1mple when he clutched a 1v2, getting three rounds on board and leveling the match board at 10-10.

Device opened up things in the twenty-first round which then was taken care of by Danes as they win the round without losing a single player. In the next round even, Astralis didn’t lose a single player against rifle less Army of Navi. Even after winning and extending their lead, Astralis headed towards to claim their tactical timeout before the twenty-third round. The scores being 12-10 in the favor of Astralis. Kjaerbye apparently denied another army of deagle in their base, as the score extended further to 13-10. The twenty-fourth round had massive potential to turn the tables as for the guns and rifles. Kjaerbye’s opening assited device to strike another frag as Navi fell apart in their only buy round from the last four. Astralis farewelled Natus Vincere 16-10. They move forward to the semi-finals.