The last and final section of the quarterfinals set at the ELEAGUE Majors 2017 Atlanta had two teams battling out for the spot. SK being the legendary owner of the Major trophy twice consecutively, facing against FaZe Clan.  SK beat FaZe 2-1 (7-16 Mirage, 16-3 Train, 16-5 Overpass).


The first map started on mirage with SK playing on the favored side of the map. Fox, opening up the things for SK but immediately the trades began to come on the other end of the map. KioShima’s 2K clutch against the legends got them the first round of the game. As ordinary as it goes, the next few rounds were affirmed by FaZe.

The Brazilian powerhouse looked lost for most of the rounds; they kept on losing one after another as the scores headed towards 9-2 in the first half of the last quarterfinals.

SK’s embarrassing retake at an empty bombsite didn’t make things better for them. The scores had halted at 10-2 before SK called their second timeout. Karrigan’s amazingly well-used smoke gave them a little room to work around, although he failed to win the round. KioShima’s 2K assisted FaZe to make an entry in the A bombsite. The scores at the end of the first half were unanticipated 12-3 in favor of FaZe.

FaZe confirming their victory in the map after winning the second pistol round. After allowing SK to get a round, FaZe get their confidence back into it winning another round on board. SK could only get seven rounds on board before falling apart on Mirage versus 16.


SK’s neat start on the terrorist start in the second map left Karrigan’s Frenchmen thinking. Without rushing to force the second round, they continued concern about economy. SK’s five round lead at the very start worried FaZe in and out as the scores ticked to 5-0.

FaZe got off the mark at the seventh round all thanks to KioShima’s triple eco kills. SK Gaming headed towards the ninth round win after the end of eleven rounds. They closed the first half of the game 12-3, similar to what FaZe did to them in their map pick. FaZe failed to win the second pistols, their only opportunity to get back in the game. Apparently, train closed their depot at 16-3 in favor of SK Gaming.


SK Gaming got to a good start in the first round of the third map after winning the pistol and followings. FaZe, however, got a quick double round after being down six rounds in a row. The scoreline looked 6-2.

Quickly crawled ahead to gather another couple of scores on their board, FaZe interestingly got back into the game with 5 points on the scoreboard in the less favored half of the map. SK Gaming held their ground strong even in the second pistol of Overpass. FaZe’s circumstantial downfall didn’t had a halt as they succummed before SK Gaming 16-5. SK gets to the semi-finals third consecutive time, they join Virtus.Pro, Fnatic and Astralis in the semi-finals. SK will face Virtus.Pro.

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