The first day of COBX saw all the teams fight for four spots in total for the semi-finals and a shot at winning the $100,000 event in India,Mumbai

In Group A, MVP were dominant and emerged victorious in both their matchups against Signify and Alpha Red in convincing fashion. They have booked their slot for the playoffs. The second slot was secured by Alpha Red

In Group B,Grayhound beat both teams and were unbeaten in the group stages and booked their playoff slot. The second slot went to BOOT- d[S] who picked up a victory against the Indian team, Global Esports.

In Group A, the first game was played between MVP and Alpha Red on Train. MVP PK picked up their first victory at the Indian tournament with a scoreline of 16-9. MVP continued their unbeaten run at the tournament and won the second matchup against Signify, securing their playoff berth, with a scoreline of 16-11 on a map played on Train.

In the last game between Alpha Red and Signify, Alpha Red were able to edge past Signify on Train, a map that went into overtime, with a scoreline of 19-17.

In Group B, the first game was played between Global Esports and BOOT-d[S]. BOOT closed out the game in convincing fashion, after picking up their first victory against the Indian side, with a score of 16-9

The second game was played between Grayhound and BOOT-d[S] where the Australian side edged past BOOT with a scoreline of 16-13 on Dust 2. This meant that Grayhound were through to the playoffs and still had a shot at winning the tournament.

Lastly, Grayhound eliminated Global Esports from the tournament with a scoreline of 16-9 on Inferno. This meant that the last playoff spot went to BOOT, who secured their only victory against Global Esports.

The matchups for the playoffs have been revealed by the tournament organiser. MVP PK will face BOOT in a BO3 for a spot in the finals. The second matchup will be between Grayhound and Alpha Red who will fight to make it to the finals as well.