nopixel gta

Months after being banned from popular GTA roleplay server NoPixel, xQc is finally allowed to return to the server. The ban forced him to move away from GTA and set up a shop in Minecraft, the unban will likely see him return to RP.

xQc was overjoyed to figure out that he was unbanned. From his reaction, it was clear that he was eagerly waiting for this news. His last ban from NoPixel was counted as the 3rd, making the threat of a permanent ban loom over his head and rightfully so he gave up hope to ever return on the server, but to suddenly get unbanned in such a fashion exposed his animated personality that we love.

xQc’s return on the server will bring a great influx of audience to the stream. His fans are nothing short of excited to see their favorite streamer get back to the server with some of Twitch’s top streamers.

NoPixel server mods were kind enough to give xQc another shot at it, making an exception for him against their permanent ban rule. Given his track record, he must remain extra cautious here on out to make sure he does not cause another incident that gets him away from the server for good.

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