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xQc is the most watched streamer on Twitch

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Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel had a wild 2020, for the better part of which was shrouded under some controversy or some drama, but none of it was close enough to stop xQc from dominating Twitch as the streamer with a whopping 149 million watch hours.

The former Overwatch professional turned streamer ranked 14 among the most followed streamers on Twitch for 2020, attesting to his popularity in the community. 13 well known streamers have ranked ahead of him but he managed to top the watch hours charts, which begs the question of how it happened.

xQc usually has long grinding sessions on Twitch that sometimes lasts for over 10 hours, and his 4.4 million follower count brings a significantly high number of concurrent watchers that added up to his 149 million watch hours for 2020.

Other than just grinding Twitch for hours, several other factors have contributed significantly to his success.

xQc for one doesn’t stick to one game, rather he has tried multiple games from different genres over the years with Rust, a survival game being his latest point of focus. He brings his eccentric personality to the stream which his fans find funny and they can’t get enough of it. From pro plays to hilarious fails, his streams got it all.

One thing should be noted that a lot of streamers left Twitch, some returned but quite a few big names parted their ways for good. Big names like Shroud and Ninja left Twitch for an exclusive deal with Mixer but only a handful of their audience jumped to the new platform, most of them stayed behind and contributed to the growth of others.

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