While the FIFA 22 official launch just needs a few more days, players with early access have already started jumping into the world of FUT 22. The popular Canadian streamer Félix “xQc” Lengyel also decided to play FUT 22 on 25th September.

However, FIFA 22 didn’t fit well with xQc. After playing FUT 22 Ultimate Team for two hours, xQC conceded 6 goals before halftime in his last match. The match was literally unwinnable for the Canadian streamer as the score was 6-0. In the 82nd minute, he conceded the seventh goal which made him vexed. He said,

I’m gonna say it: soccer is one of the most dogs**t sports to ever exist, it’s an embarrassment to humankind. I said it, get mad. Keep malding, and I want to make sure people understand: it is not football, it’s soccer.

After the end of the match with an 8-2 score, xQc closed the game and uninstalled it from his computer. Apparently, xQc didn’t like FIFA 22 at all even after spending enough time building his FUT team.

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