xQc defends Ramee following aimbot accusations

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Arguably the most popular GTA V Role Play streamer xQc has defended fellow streamer Ramee following accusations of the latter using aimbot.

The Ramee aimbot drama has taken off since a clip surfaced that suggests the use of aimbot and xQc couldn’t keep himself away from it. Given xQc’s reputation, he is a bit of a veteran when it comes to Twitch controversies and never shies away from offering his opinion which can be unpopular at times.

His outspoken nature has once again landed him in the Ramee situation were contrary to popular belief, xQc thinks his fellow streamer is innocent.

“He’s not aimbotting. Why would people aimbot in a pretend game?” xQc asked. “Ok, dude, this is just cringe,” he concluded upon looking at the clip. In his opinion, judging Ramee off one clip is “cringe” and he does not see any reason for him to cheat in a game like GTA.

Ramee himself has turned down all accusations and theories brought against him. Even though the clip looks suspicious on the surface, such flukes aren’t uncommon in gaming, and to judge a reputed streamer off a single clip would be harsh.

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