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MrBeast’s Squid Game under fire for ‘Plagiarism’


MrBeast’s own version of Netflix’s hit Squid Game has taken off with over 120 million views within a short span of time, but critics find the content a “plagiarised” parody of someone else’s efforts.

Squid Game was quite a blockbuster that graced Netflix earlier this year. The Korean show quickly became a global sensation as it attracted viewers from all across the globe for its unique plot. MrBeast quickly got onto the hype train and announced his own version of the show where he’ll hand out real money as he does in most of his videos.

This version of Squid Game fits into the genre of MrBeast’s videos where his generosity of giving away large sums of money comes into play and given the hype surrounding the show, this will be a supreme time to drop it.

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Even though the community loves it, there remains a displeased group that is very critical of the ethical side of the show.

“So the promise of the creator economy is that you can spend 10 years of your life making something so that someone else can quickly parody it and get more views so that then someone else can claim the parody was more successful and took less work? Cool cool” said prominent author Sarah Cooper.

There are many besides Cooper who find the show “plagiarised” and believe that MrBeast is ripping off the Squid Game fame.

“The Mona Lisa took years to paint, but as a creator, I can photograph it in mere seconds,” one user wrote — prompting another to reply: “Now now, you’re being unfair, you also have to take the time to strip all cultural meaning and significance from it, as well.”

“In other news, plagiarism is way faster than original writing and much easier,”

Putting the plagiarism part aside, avid fans of the show believe that Donaldson overlooked the main point of Squid Game that speaks against the community’s struggle under late capitalism, even though his version was meant to be a parody.

A statement is due from the creators on the situation.

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