mr beast

MrBeast made a name for himself on YouTube from donating massive amounts to strangers but according to some freshly surfaced accusations, his generosity doesn’t extend to his employees.

MrBeast is one of the top content creators on the platform, his content revolves around his generosity where she gives away large sums of money to strangers. Such videos grew in popularity and his channel grew along with it. Given his history, it’s rare to see someone accuse him of anything let alone bullying his own employees.

One of MrBeast’s former editors has accused him of bullying in an interview with The New York Times. 22-year old Nate Anderson claimed that working for him in March 2018 forced him to quit his job in a week as he was unable to meet the unreasonable demands made by Donaldson. “Nothing ever worked for him,” “He always wanted it a certain way.” called out Anderson on his alleged over perfectionist attitude. The critics didn’t end there, Anderson was also subjected to death threats down the line.

Previously, Matt Turner similarly accused him of upholding a toxic work environment back in 2019 but was immediately canceled by social media when MrBeast said he was served with a $10,000 severance package as well as a new job a SoaR Gaming.

MrBeast hasn’t publicly addressed these accusations and until we hear his side of the story it will be unfair to lay down a verdict given he was able to come out on top of similar accusations in the past.

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