LIRIK and xQc may get banned from Twitch

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Popular Twitch steamer xQc and LIRIK are looking at the possibility of a Twitch ban following co-streaming Nintendo’s E3 Direct presentation while ignoring direct orders.

June 15th saw the official Nintendo Twitter post a warning against anyone broadcasting content from the Nintendo E3 presentation which was carelessly ignored by the likes of xQc and LIRIK. Following the official message, Twitch canceled the E3 stream which was a major red flag that xQc and LIRIK paid no respect to.

“Are we doing this? Listen xQc, if we get banned because of Pokemon GO DLC, you know, that is one way to go down,” said LIRIK, mocking the warning issued by Nintendo. “I am fine sinking on that ship!” “Okay? I am okay with that.” he added.

xQc’s eccentricity made him jump into LIRIK’s bandwagon without putting much thought into it, and now the pair jointly share the risk of getting banned from Twitch. So far out, Twitch hasn’t taken any action but when push comes to the shove, xQc and LIRIK may have to spend some time away from the Amazon owned streaming platform.

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