David Dobrik denies sexual assault claims

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David Dobrik along with his crew member Scotty Sire has scrapped away the claims of sexual assault brought by Seth Francois stating that the former member was made part of the “kissing prank” following his consent.

Dobrik was questioned for his dealing behind the scenes at multiple points this year and sexual assault was added to the list of complaints against him by a former member Seth Francois. According to Seth, Dobrik forced him to take part in the “kissing prank” despite him being unwilling to do so. This allegation came in light of several other claims of harassment against him which puts him in hot water.


“Seth accused David and Jason of sexual assault for a kissing prank that was done in 2017, which is so f**ked up because he was part of the videos, he knows what we do, and then David asked him,” said Scotty Sire. Besides putting both party’s words against each other, Dobrik publicized text messages which go back as far as 2018 where Francois seems to be willing to take part as long as he gets enough clout.

Sire goes ahead to explain the consequences of telling lies and how it might affect the likes of David Dobrick before taking shots at Ethan Klein for providing Seth with a platform where he can share his side of the story without the podcast host checking the facts prior to publishing the episodes.

“You’d take their words, and make it sound worse. I think in the future you should try to at least verify some of the information that is told to you, or maybe you reach out to the people the guests are talking about,” Sire added.

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