Chess Grandmaster Hikaru Speechless After Pokimane Shows Her Skills

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Hikaru is not only one of the most popular chess grandmasters in the world, but he has also been actively working for promoting the game of intellect across the internet. Recently, Hikaru has been teaching chess to a lot of famous streamers and content creators including the likes of xQc or MrBeast.

While both xQc and MrBeast played the game like any other rookie would, Twitch star Pokimane managed to leave the Grandmaster speechless after she solved some of the puzzles thrown at her almost instantaneously and then proceeded to checkmate Hikaru.

In this Twitch clip, we can see Pokimane delivering a clever checkmate in 3 moves by countering Hikaru’s moves repeatedly, leaving the Grandmaster “not even really sure what to say.” Needless to say, anticipating three moves in advance is an impressive feat for any beginner chess player. 

This was followed by another clever checkmate from Poki, where she found a mate with the rook almost instantly after Hikaru took down her queen. Hikaru termed her move to be “absolutely perfect.”

You can take a look at the full coaching session in Hikaru’s YouTube channel. 

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