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Lone Wolfs of CS2: Some of the Best Players Without a Team Right Now

S1MPLE Returning? Top Talent Seeks New CS2 Homes

Let’s take a look at some of the best CS2 players who aren’t in the scene as of today. There are some players we’ll look at today whose names if associated with folks who wouldn’t be in a team, even a year in the past would’ve garnered laughter from everyone. Well, despite every well-fit opportunity and the CS2 scene getting competitive day by day, some of the best players have to leave active lineups and occupy spots on the bench. 

Firstly, starting with the one & only, 


s1mple cs2

CS:GO’s godchild, the GOAT, none other than S1MPLE just had to be the first on our list since he’s been missing the action on CS2 even since the game’s launch except for that one cameo appearance with Team Falcons in the online BLAST Spring showdown.

Reports speculate that the 26-year-old has been focusing on the project he has been pursuing for a while now called “Play Like S1mple”. Much like it sounds, it is an educational series aiming to help CS2 players improve their game sense in line with how S1mple looks at the game. Despite the time it took out of his life, he recently announced that he is committed to returning to the scene as an AWPer or a rifler.


Despite being a controversial talent, BlameF’s reputation has been in the bin for a while now. He has been widely regarded as one of the dirtiest baiters in the tier-one scene, with his IGL track record proving disastrous for Astralis. Despite all of these flaws, blameF is one of the best CT rotate strategy executors in the game, which of course lands him in the standing for one of the best CS2 players. If he were to make some small changes to his otherwise inspiring gameplay, he would be the most effective and impactful lurker. 


jks csgo

We can’t wait to hear the repeat of backlash on this one. But yes, everyone in the community thought G2 getting rid of jks was a mammoth’s mistake, no team has yet picked him up for over half a year since his inactivity. And we don’t understand why. He is a safe, experienced player who doesn’t require a lot of resources to get things done in the game and is one of the best teammates to rely on when left to anchor a site; solo. 

We believe one of the only reasons that could be an issue is his age (28 years old) which could be a reason holding him back since all of the teams have started infusing the huge amount of teenage talents being pumped out of FPL and other tier 2 tournaments. Having said that experience is sometimes better than sheer skill and hopefully, some teams should start realising that very soon. 

Nevertheless, we can’t wait to see what these players pull out of their hats in the coming years, and we wish them the best of luck. To find more similar & interesting reads on the CS2 scene, click here.

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