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The Best Valorant Agents for Team Deathmatch

The competitive scene of Valorant is forever evolving, and so is its meta. The importance of agent selection remains pivotal for success, especially in the new Team Deathmatch (TDM) mode. In this article, we’ll reveal the top five Valorant agents who performed exceptionally well in our playtests and are destined to shake up the TDM meta​.

Which Agents Are the Best for Team Deathmatch? Our Tier List Reveals All

Breach: The Ideal Initiator

Compact and concise, the TDM maps work in perfect harmony with Breach’s abilities. The Fault Line stun and Flashpoint flash have a higher hit rate on these maps, leading to quick eliminations. His Aftershock fusion charge effectively handles corner campers. The Rolling Thunder ultimate covers the entire TDM map, proving to be an excellent tool for controlling the battlefield​.

Viper: Master of Map Control

Viper shines in TDM with a slower, more strategic approach. By leveraging her Toxic Screen wall and Poison Cloud smoke, she can hold backlines and eliminate enemies passing through her smokes. Her Snake Bite molly deters enemies from peeking particular angles, giving her team ample time to maneuver. When Viper’s Pit, her game-changing ultimate, is unlocked and maintained, it puts the enemy team at a significant disadvantage​.

Neon: Speed Demon

Neon’s swiftness is lethal in TDM, allowing her to outpace and outmaneuver adversaries. Rather than a tactical approach, Neon enables a “run and gun” style of play. Her sprint and High Gear slide, coupled with weapons like the Frenzy, Judge, and Spectre, give her an edge in close-quarter battles. Her Fast Lane wall and Relay Bolt stun serve as effective tactical tools. Neon’s Overdrive ultimate can divert the enemy’s focus, creating opportunities for her team​.

Reyna: The Duelist Queen

Reyna’s kit shines in TDM, especially for players with a confident aim. Her Leer flash gives her an edge in aim duels, and correct use of her Dismiss and Devour abilities can give her team an early lead. After a kill, Dismiss allows her to retreat to safety, while Devour replenishes her health. With her Empress ultimate, Reyna can dominate the TDM battlefield by repeatedly Dismissing and Devouring the enemy team​.

Raze: The Explosive Menace

Raze, with her lethal toolkit, is arguably the best agent for TDM. Her Paint Shells grenade inflicts massive damage on the enemy team. She can surprise enemies by reaching high-ground areas using her Blast Packs. The Boom Bot serves as an effective tool for clearing corners, and her Showstopper ultimate can yield multi-kills against closely packed enemies​​.

These agents, with their unique abilities and strategic playstyle, can help you turn the tide of any TDM match. Master their skills, understand their strategies, and you’re on your way to being a top contender in Valorant’s Team Deathmatch mode.

Remember, the key to mastering the TDM mode lies not just in selecting the right agents but also in understanding and utilizing their abilities to their fullest potential. Good luck, and may the best agent win!

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