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Valorant Team Deathmatch Mode Rules Explained

Let's read the guidelines that you should remember while playing Valorant's Team Deathmatch mode.

Riot Games has recently provided insights into the specifics of the upcoming ‘Team Deathmatch‘ mode in Valorant, and the official Valorant YouTube channel’s 3-minute preview effectively conveys the essence of what the new game mode will offer to fans of the competitive shooter.

For the uninitiated, the Team Deathmatch game mode is a fresh addition to Valorant that engages two teams, each consisting of 5 players, in intense battles on the battlefield. Upon its launch, this mode will present three unique custom maps, with one being randomly selected for each game.

When Is Valorant Team Deathmatch Mode Releasing?

Valorant Team Deathmatch Release Date

The Team Deathmatch game mode in Valorant will go live alongside the Episode 7 Act 1 update on June 26, 2023.

What Are The Rules Of Valorant Team Deathmatch Mode?

With the release of Valorant’s Team Deathmatch being just around the corner, fans of the shooter are excited to know more about the rules of this new game mode.

Here’s everything you need to know about the rules of the Team Deathmatch mode in Valorant:

  • The first team to achieve 100 kills emerges as the victor.
  • Each game has a duration of 9 minutes and 30 seconds, divided into four stages.
  • If a clear winner hasn’t been determined by the end of the allotted time, the leading team at that point will be declared the winner.
  • At the beginning of the match or whenever they are in the ‘Spawn Room,’ players have the opportunity to select their loadout for each stage.
  • Every new stage introduces improved loadout options for players to choose from.
  • During the first stage, players are equipped with pistols.
  • In the second stage, they can opt for the Ares, Stinger, or Sheriff.
  • The third stage brings additional choices like the Bulldog, Guardian, Spectre, and Ares.
  • During the fourth stage, players can select either the Vandal or Phantom.
  • Players can acquire additional weapons from ‘Weapon Spawners’ scattered across the maps.
  • These weapons obtained from the spawners have limited ammunition and will be removed from the player’s possession once depleted.
  • There are various orbs, including Recovery and Ultimate orbs, located throughout the battlefield.
  • Recovery Orbs grant a buff that restores Health and Shield over 6s.
  • Ultimate Orbs charges up a percentage of your Ultimate ability.
  • Abilities will recharge over time once depleted.
  • Different abilities take different amounts of time to recharge.
  • When you respawn, you gain a buff that protects you from damage and abilities for 15 seconds.
  • After 15 seconds, you’ll start to take damage from staying in spawn.

These are all the rules that you’ll need to keep in mind when playing Valorant’s Team Deathmatch mode.

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