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EditorialsFIFA 23: EA's relentless ambition to bestow its FIFA...

FIFA 23: EA’s relentless ambition to bestow its FIFA series a happy ending


Since its starting as FIFA International Soccer in 1993 to FIFA 23, the AAA title had quite a long journey, and finally, it has come to an end as EA and FIFA both officially parted away. What happened to the partnership despite the game series being older than some of the gamers who are playing the game? Well, it was quite an argument.

Even though there were a few other reasons, the major dissension was regarding the licensing fee. FIFA asked not a few million dollars more but to double the fee while Electronic Arts didn’t endorse the deal and moved back instead. In addition, FIFA vowed to develop its own game within a year or so. On the opposite side, EA will continue making football games that will be renamed to EA Sports FC. However, there won’t be any FIFA-sponsored events in the upcoming games that will obviously diminish the game’s authenticity to some extent.

Therefore, FIFA 23 is the last outcome of the 30-year-old partnership and EA has gone all out to please the community as it seems. Although we are two months away from the release date, the official FIFA 23 Pitch Notes look good enough. Are there a lot of changes? Is there something engrossing? For a company like EA, who doesn’t really care much about the community, the delineated changes seem adequate.

Let’s talk about the changes for a minute. Crossplay is something the community wanted since a long time ago. FIFA 22 led the way but it was restricted to Online Friendlies and Online Seasons only. However, the developers have decided to effectuate crossplay in an extensive manner within FIFA 23. Starting from different game modes to FUT Transfer Market Pool, crossplay will be everywhere. Moreover, the addition of EA Anticheat will be beneficial for the community.

fifa 23 crossplay

Apart from that, women’s football is a key highlight of FIFA 23. Women’s club football is all set to make its debut in this game. Alongside Kylian Mbappé, this time Sam Kerr who plays for the Australian women’s national soccer team is the cover star of FIFA 23. Comprehensively, EA has emphasized women’s football throughout the game. In my opinion, it is a good decision beyond any doubt and EA should make women’s football as prevailing as men’s in the game.

fifa 23 sam kerr

With FIFA 23, EA is boasting its Hypermotion2 technology as well. While FIFA 22 introduced Hypermotion to consoles only, FIFA 23 will bring the technology to PC for the first time. The Hypermotion2 is set to have more than 6,000 true-to-life animations which according to EA will bring more realistic movements and mechanics into the game.

The FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 and FIFA Women’s World Cup Australia & New Zealand 2023 will also be there in the game with a full season of world cup inspired content. EA has also added augmented reality replays, pre-match build-up, and hyper-realistic pitch along with new commentary to provide an immersive experience.

Even though EA beat a retreat from paying the double licensing fee, they have successfully doubled the size of the game from 50 GB(FIFA 22) to 100 GB(FIFA 23) regardless of the platforms.

With all those features, will FIFA 23 be able to get admiration from the community? Only time has the answer.

Do you think EA has done enough to get a round of applause? Let us know in the comment section below.

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Aritra Patra
Aritra Patra
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