NewsCounter Strike: Global OffensiveA farewell to the “King of Spray” GeT_RiGhT

A farewell to the “King of Spray” GeT_RiGhT

End of an era.


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World in 2021 witnesses a Counter-Strike: Global Offensive ecosystem that is polished to a sheen. However, it wasn’t always shiny. Few labourers were doing all the scut work for generations to come, and GeT_RiGhT stood in front of the lane. 

When historians reminisce about early CSGO days, some names continue to reappear. Christopher “GeT_RiGhT” Alesund was one of the few players who were there when CSGO esports had just taken a birth. The veteran has a long account in the Counter-Strike world as a great player, a guide, and an icon. 

CS 1.6 esports, unfortunately, was never as well-established as CSGO is today. GeT_RiGhT began from there. Team changes, transient environments and multiple swaps didn’t stop him from continuing his esports career. In a barren, less giving field of work, GeT_RiGhT never stopped giving. He kept sowing in the hope that the esports will bloom one day. In a chat with HLTV, the player revealed that Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believin;” had always meant so much to him. Evident from his journey in CSGO, GeT_RiGhT never stopped believing. 


GeT_RiGhT’s winning spell in NiP

Get_ RiGht was always an ace rifler, and big names of the 2000s saw him. He cemented a firm foot in esports when Fnatic signed him in 2009. Here he joined Patrik “f0rest” Lindberg, another legendary player who’ll remain with GeT_RiGhT for years to come. The duo moved to SK Gaming, helping the team dominate the scene until it disbanded in 2012.

By then, most of the players who competed alongside GeT_RiGhT had retired. Their journeys had come to a halt, and GeT_RiGhT was just gearing up to register history in CSGO. 

The Swede joined Ninjas and Pyjamas, a team that stalwart rosters would fear. The veteran lurked the maps for NiP for over seven years, playing a crucial role in most of the team’s victories. When NiP achieved the unimaginable 87-0 LAN run, GeT_RiGhT was on its payroll as the guiding force behind the consecutive wins. With GeT_RiGhT on the roster, NiP became the unstoppable Swedish force pouncing over whoever came its way. The iconic quintet featuring Patrik “f0rest” Lindberg, Adam “friberg” Friberg, Robin “Fifflaren” Johansson, Richard “Xizt” Landström topped all CSGO charts. 

ESL: One Cologne 2014

The veteran had cast an unbreakable spell of winning, driving the Ninjas to lift the trophy at ESL: One Cologne 2014 ultimately. The Swede says that this win means the world to him, as the trophy that brought him to his knees in gratitude was the one that took NiP to the pinnacle of success. The iconic image of GeT_RiGhT kneeling in front of the trophy reflects what he felt. As incredible as it was, this win was the one that would cap off NiP’s peak days in CS.

NiP’s downfall wasn’t anything like its instantaneous success. Players shedding year-by-year, the team lost its prowess comfortably. GeT_RiGhT was there all along. While his day ones signed their resigns, the player stayed alongside f0rest, in his efforts to bring NiP back to the fore. The player went too deep into the weeds, which cost him his internal peace. 

“Throughout my career, I’ve been battling different kinds of personal issues, like mental health states,” he says. “I’ve never been that honest about it, only to some extent, but not in a way that people could understand the whole picture,”  

GeT_RiGhT said.

His efforts were futile as the skill gap closed and the likes of Astralis and Cloud9 sent the Swedes into the background. This was the background that NiP won’t be able to come out of with GeT_RiGhT. 

Final shot before the climax

Dignitas 2020

The player finally signed off of NiP, putting an end to a legendary era of CSGO. However, he wasn’t done. His heroic re-entry in esports with old pals friberg, f0rest, and Xist brought early CSGO fans out of their holes. It was all fun and games until COVID-19 struck and Dignitas overhauled roster declined quietly. A roster that is so used to the blinding lights of the podium, roaring crowd, and all things LAN failed to deliver inside the comfort of hushed rooms. 

Joining Dignitas as a competitive player was a moment of truth for GeT_RiGhT. The Swedish superstar has finally put the mouse down for his streaming career. The player has announced that he may come back to competitive, but the “break could be extended into retirement.” For now, the fans can see the CSGO megastar in action on Twitch

Unfortunately, COVID-19 snatched GeT_RiGhT’s chance to bid farewell to competitive play properly. In his video message, the player revealed that he’d have liked to say goodbye in a LAN in Sweden. 

“These are my last 30 seconds in the spotlight in a way, and it would have been good to get out the message that I wanted. It would have been awesome to do it in a live tournament, but I’m lucky to have had such a great career in general, and I’m grateful for everyone that has always been there for me.”


The veteran has signed off but leaves a lasting impression in the CSGO world. A long list of achievements in the game testifies that GeT_RiGhT was a wonder that happens once in years. The Man made it to the first five Major Grand Finals, he was crowned as the best of 2013 and 2014, appeared six times on best players of the year list, bagged ten tournament MVP medals, and became a name every new CSGO player knew. 

While in recent history, GeT_RiGhT may not have been on top of his game, but he has furnished an ecosystem where talent thrives. Years after his peak days, a good spray is still known as “GeT_RiGhT level spray down” in CSGO players’ language. There may come new contenders who may paint a picture brighter than GeT_RiGhT did, but no one can fade the colors of his legacy. 

Fariha B
Fariha B
Esports aficionado, filter-free writer and a try-hard gamer.

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