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3 NFL Games To Simulate On Madden 21 For Week 13


Can you believe the NFL season has just five regular-season games remaining? As the NFL enters Week 13, there are significant games that can impact the playoff bracket. If you are wondering what those matchups are, where to stream, and more, we have you covered. 

For starters, you can catch NFL streams on a variety of platforms. That includes Hulu Live, YouTube TV, Sunday NFL Ticket, or Sling TV. Since the closure of Reddit NFL streams, there are other free options out there, but those are not considered safe options. With just a month left in the season, paying for one-month of a streaming service might be worth it to see some quality NFL football down the stretch. 

If you don’t have access to watch these games, you could try and simulate the experience. With Madden 21, take a walk down the simulated road. These three games are critical matchups in Week 13, so give the video game a spin to see if it can predict the future. 

Tennessee Titans vs. Cleveland Browns

Who would have thought the Browns had a meaningful game at the end of the season? The fact of the matter is that the Browns have a chance to make the 2020 NFL playoffs. After defeating the Jaguars on Week 12, the Browns clinched a non-losing record with their eighth win of the season. The Browns, at 8-4, sit with the No. 5 seed and are two games back of the Steelers in the AFC North. While the division could be out of reach, the Browns are just trying to get to 10 wins to make the postseason for the first time since 2002. 

The Titans are the No. 3 seed in the AFC after taking down the Indianapolis Colts. The Titans are tied with the Browns with an identical 8-3 record. Derek Henry is coming off rushing three touchdowns against a top-5 rushing defense in the Colts. King Henry thrives in December, and he could look to put the team on his back again. This could be a potential playoff matchup, so this will be a nice preview of what is yet to come. 

What will Madden have to say in this simulation? Will Baker Mayfield play like a No. 1 pick? Will Henry rush for three more touchdowns? Who gets to nine wins first?

Seattle Seahawks vs. New York Giants

It may not seem like a big game when one of the teams is at 4-7, but the Giants are technically the No. 4 seed in the playoff standings. The Giants are the leaders of the NFC East and will need to win their third game in the row in order to hold onto the divisional lead. It’s interesting to see if Madden 21 believes that the Giants can pull off this upset, especially if Daniel Jones doesn’t play. 

The Seahawks are the No. 3 seed in the NFC playoffs as the team leads the NFC West. As crazy as it sounds, this game will feature two divisional leaders playing for another win. For some, a simulation might be great to see how much the Seahawks win by. 

Image credit: Pixabay

Arizona Cardinals vs. Los Angeles Rams

This simulation is the most interesting because this is an intra divisional game that can prove huge ramifications. For starters, the Rams are the No. 5 seed, while the Cardinals are the No. 7 seed. The Cardinals just dropped a 20-17 contest to the 5-6 New England Patriots. Does Madden believe the Cardinals will drop another game to fall to 6-6 on the season? Are the Cardinals trending down according to this game?

The Rams are coming off a loss of their own to the San Francisco 49ers, so could Madden believe the Rams are the ones that are on the downward trend? This simulation could be run 100 times and be split evenly between both teams, but it is still interesting to see what the data says. 

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