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Will MrBeast Run for President?

MrBeast's popularity has many wondering: could he be President? While the minimum age requirement poses a current obstacle, his interest in politics raises fascinating questions about the future of leadership.

Kick Streamer Natalie Reynolds Accused of “Scamming” Employee

A GTA-inspired prank landed streamer Natalie Reynolds and her crew in legal trouble, and now one former associate claims she's refusing to cover the promised legal fees.

Twitch Involved NCMEC in Dr Disrespect’s Controversy

Years after his Twitch ban, new details surface about Dr Disrespect's case, suggesting the platform reported him to the NCMEC.

xQc Defends Kick From Ex-employees Allegations

The streaming world is abuzz with drama! xQc jumps to defend Kick.com after a former employee accuses the platform of fostering a hostile work environment and manipulating streamers' health issues. Is xQc telling the truth, or is there more to the story?

Kick Employee Responds to Twitch CEO Claiming Poached Streamers Will Return

The battle for streaming dominance heats up as Kick challenges Twitch's reign. But with contracts on the line, will streamers stay loyal or return to the purple giant?

Kick Is Making a Mistake by Poaching Streamers: Twitch CEO

Kick's aggressive poaching of Twitch streamers has sparked a debate: Is Kick a true competitor or a temporary disruption? Twitch CEO Dan Clancy remains unconcerned, emphasizing the need for sustainable growth in the live streaming industry.

IShowSpeed’s Ex-girlfriend Reveals a Surprising Fact About Their Relationship

Rumors are swirling around streaming giant IShowSpeed and TikToker Amy Flam. While their interactions were initially perceived as content, Flam recently revealed a deeper story, suggesting genuine feelings and uncertainty surrounding Speed's intentions.

40-Year-Old YouTuber Dies in Accident

Beloved YouTuber and comic book enthusiast Ben Potter, known online as Comicstorian, tragically passed away on June 8th, 2024, at the age of 40. His wife, Nathalie Potter, shared the news with fans, leaving the community in mourning.

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