FaZe Clan wins PUBG Europe League, EU’s PUBG Global Championship teams decided

FaZe Clan delivered an incredible performance in the final week of PEL Phase 3 as they took home two consecutive PEL in...

NiP and fnatic invited to StarSeries i-League Season 8

Fnatic and NIP are the latest teams to be invited to the StarSeries I-League Season 8, which will run from October 21-27,...

Astralis claim No.1 spot in HLTV CSGO World Rankings post DreamHack Malmo

Astralis have returned to the top of the World Rankings 4 months after being overthrown by Team Liquid.

Call of Duty Mobile hits 35 million downloads 3 days after its release

Call of Duty Mobile hits 35 million downloads

PUBG Mobile introduces 10 year ban for cheating

The use of unauthorised third-party apps or hacks that provide an unfair advantage to a player will be condemned with the ban, the company said in a statement.

Fnatic defeat Vitality to win DreamHack Masters Malmö

The Swedes reign supreme in this $250,000 event.

Fnatic decimates Astralis 2-0 at DreamHack Masters Malmo semi-finals

Fnatic eliminate Astralis making them the first finalists of DreamHack Masters Malmo.

Entity Gaming wins Dew Arena CSGO 2019

Entity were made to toil by Global Esports over three maps but survived the scare on Train to retain the Dew Arena...

S1mple’s graffiti has been re-added in the new Cache

The iconic graffiti on cache has made its return.

OG to enter CSGO with NBK, Aleksib, Valde, ISSAA & Jamppi

According to a report by 1pv.fr OG is set to enter CS:GO with a roster featuring the likes of Aleksi "Aleksib" Virolainen,...

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