On Feb. 13, NEO TM, a Singapore based project management firm launched Asia’s first 24×7 Esports training facility named The Gym. The Gym will be located in Jalan Besar and operated under NEO’s subsidiary, Esportscentre Pte Ltd.

The Gym is a three-story venue spanning more than 7,700 square ft. The Gym will encompass a training floor outfitted with Gaming PCs. This floor will also offer space for retail shops and will have an arena-style event space seating for up to 150 people with a booth for casters. The second and third floors will consist of modular training, office, and event spaces which members can rent to conduct business, live-stream sessions, and competitions.

The Gym hopes to serve as a point of call for promising esports teams, and will hopefully foster collaboration between local and international teams. It should help them share resources and level up together.

In a blog post, Mr Neo Yong Aik manager at NEO TM said:

With esports making its debut at last year’s SEA Games, there is little doubt that esports has become mainstream in this part of the world. There has never been a more powerful platform to engage the youth of Asia and the world. But while there are millions of young people playing on their mobile phones and PCs, what is lacking is a more professional approach to the sport. Instead of more LAN shops, we need more places that not only provide a place for individuals and teams to practice and compete but also for them to pick up the right habits that will stay with them as they pursue successful esports careers. Instead of focusing on just gaming, other aspects such as nutrition, physical fitness, and mental focus should also be honed.

We hope to bring all that with The Gym.

The Gym has also entered in partnership with De Tune, a US-based live broadcast media and event production agency that has worked with Riot Games and organized global Fortnite and PUBG global championships.

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