American actor Micheal B. Jordan has stepped into the world of Call Of Duty as a Esport Investor. As his title suggest, Jordan is set to take charge of Andbox along with MLG founders Michael Sepso and Sundance DiGiovanni with the backing of Esport investment giant Sterling VC.

Activison, for the first time in history of esports has revamped traditional Call Of Duty teams from organization based to geo-localized model. Teams are based on Cities and their partnership franchise is up for the grabs by Esport organizations. The partner buy-ins are marked extremely high for which certain prominent esport organization like 100 Thieves have backed out of the game which is astounding for the fact that their CEO Matthew ‘NadeShot’ Haag is a legend in the same game.

Such high price point are acting in favor of Activision. These league based format has handed the big shots with an opportunity for financial benefits. Having the teams based around cities will help bring in the local investors in the form of celebrities who were just passionate of the sport until this point.

“I’m never the guy that just wants to cash out. I’m never the guy who just wants to be involved to put my name on it, I have to have some passion for it. Call of Duty, if anybody knows me, they know that’s my shit.”

-said the superstar from 2015 hit Creed.

This is high time to invest in this business model. Although the format is relatively fresh for Esport, it has yielded great results for NBA and Football. Having teams based on Cities will receive the backing the regional supporters. Teams will travel across the country to attend their fixtures like any other traditional sports league, fans can watch their their favorite teams more often this time around as, unlike previous years, matches will be played across most of the prominent cities.

Teams Confirmed for Call Of Duty League 2020 are:

Atlanta FaZe
Chicago Huntsmen
Dallas Empirelogo
Florida Mutineers
London Royal Ravens
Los Angeles Guerrillas
Minnesota RØKKR
New York Subliners
OpTic Gaming Los Angelesl
Paris Legionlogo
Seattle Surgelogo
Toronto Ultralogo

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