The germination of esports is something the world can no longer turn a blind eye to. Everyone has acknowledged and accepted the fact that esports is truly the next big thing. This year marked the biggest year for esports so far with record-breaking prize pools, gigantic venues, prominent sponsorships and never seen before talent.

Esports also made waves in the education sector with colleges forming campus teams for various games and organizations taking initiatives for associating gaming with a degree. Similarly, a recently conducted event led by industry professionals took a dive into the world of esports and here are a few things you must know about it.

Mobile Premier League is India’s biggest mobile gaming platform and was founded by Sai Srinivas Kiran G, an IIT Kanpur graduate along with his friend Shubham Malhotra, an alumnus of BITS Goa. The Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad (IIM-A) hosted an event organized by MPL which aimed towards spread awareness about the present gaming scenario and plunged into career opportunities and the economical aspects of esports.

In November 2019, in an interview given to Talkesport, MPL CEO Sai Srinivas spoke about the burgeoning of MPL:

“I think it is about finding a market which a lot of people didn’t think existed. Everybody talks about esports and competitive gaming outside of India but when it comes to India people usually have a very give up look on their faces and the reason for that being nothing happens in India. That because they are slamming a business model from first world countries onto the Indian market and they don’t realize if Indians want it in the same way. We here at MPL don’t judge our customers, we give them what they want and not what first world country describes as esport. We believe monetizing people’s skills is a great way to drive traction. We gave the people what they wanted and they liked it, thus our company took off after the first 5-6 months.”

The event organized by MPL was graced by the presence of industry personnel including Sai Srinivas, Co-Founder and CEO, MPL, Deepak Ojha, Founding Editor, TalkEsport, Professor Amit Karna, Chairperson- Placements, IIM-A, Naman Jhawar, Head of Strategy. The event was moderated by Dibyojyoti Mainak, General Counsel, MPL.

A detailed presentation by Deepak Ojha preceded the event where he started off by introducing esports and its meaning to the audience. He used statistical proof to highlight the growth in viewership of esports events alongside a subtle comparison between traditional sports and esports. He went on to lay emphasis on esports In India highlighting the leading organizations, prominent players as well as the rise of mobile scenario owing to PUBG Mobile. A panel discussion covered a variety of topics including how games can be made accessible to everyone as well as the vision and plans of MPL to help esports fly higher.

Esports platforms like MPL continue to create new possibilities for professional gamers as well as talented employees leading to the expansion of this industry. With more coverage from media portals, seminars and awareness drives, social media dominance of gaming content, integration of newer and smarter technology and unconditional love and support from gamers around the world, the future of esports definitely resides in good hands.


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