Global Esports has announced a partnership with Harrisburg University in USA in a bid to connect esports and collegiate programs together.

In a press release, the organisation announced that before the Overwatch World Cup, Team India would travel to Harrisburg University to take part in a showmatch against them, as a token of the strategic ties emerging between the two parties, while also helping Team India in their preparation for the Overwatch World Cup with training and a bootcamp facility.

GE Co-Founder Rushindra Sinha said:

We have been keen to expand our reach to North America for some time now and Harrisburg was the clear choice.This is the first time, a partnership between a university and an Esports Organization is being forged. We are keen to partner with Harrisburg University as they are the primary disruptors of the educational system in this domain.

The long term goal of the project, while helping GE to expand to North America, will also help Harrisburg University to help form the basis of their esports degree with key inputs from GE, as well as scout talents from India and Asia in general by hosting Esports tournaments.

Team India is set take part in the Overwatch World Cup From November 1-2 in Los Angeles California.


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