According to a report by DBLTAP, FACEIT will produce the hyped and much awaited B Site League. B Site will include 12 teams including MIBR, Cloud9, Mad Lions and Gen.G among others. The league will have a $2 million buy-in and players’ will have $1.04 million initial value which might fluctuate in future. The teams that buy-in will receive a part-ownership of the league.

B Site League will have 12 teams battling out for a month on LAN during regular season while the best 8 teams will advance to the finale stage. It is further reported that the league will take place between North-America and Europe alternately. The schedule is likely to clash with ESL Pro League.

With FACEIT hosting the B Site League, it was reported that the matchmaking platform will cease its Esports Championship Series (ECS). It has hosted 8 seasons of its renowned ECS league since 2016. B Site League is set to commence in March later this year.

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