Alpha Zegus: A new marketing giant in Indian Gaming Space

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Divyesh Moghe
Divyesh Moghe
Content writer and Esports enthusiast

India has seen a rapid growth in gaming and esports industry in the past few years and big names are entering this community to benefit from the large and growing audience. Alpha Zegus is a budding giant in marketing industry that specializes in bringing new opportunities on the table for their associate talents.

Mr. Rohit Agarwal is the brains behind forming Alpha Zegus and nurturing it to grow this new-gen marketing agency and make it a respectable figurehead in the Indian gaming space.

Gaming market in India has a large viewership potential and due to talented content creators that provide fresh content on a regular basis, there are substantial numbers in this new form of entertainment. Mr. Rohit, founder and director of Alpha Zegus, found a gap between the creators and brands which could not utilize the complete potential of such a wide audience and as a result, Alpha Zegus was formed to bridge this gap some inches closer.

Mr. Rohit worked with huge companies like Intel, Amazon, OnePlus, etc. and gained substantial experience in marketing. According to him, the most important thing in Alpha Zegus is their relationship and connections. The marketing agency believes in forming deep rooted connections with their creators and brands alike. They work with the former to plan out various strategies and include brands to form campaigns that will ultimately benefit both parties. This excellent working strategy has made Alpha Zegus a trusted partner for many endemic and non-endemic brands.

The names of brands that have worked with Alpha Zegus include renowned endemic brands like Intel, LogitechG, MSI, Asus, Acer, LOCO, Colorful and non-endemic brands like KFC, H&M, L’oréal, Fastrack, Adidas, Maybelline, Muscleblaze, Tinder, and many more.

Alpha Zegus provides innovative services to these brands by influencer and creative marketing within the gaming space. Apart from this, they also offer tournament IPs, gaming IPs, digital and media solutions.

They have provided each and every brand with a unique strategy which has helped the brands as well as creators grow in a unique way. Some of their recent collaborations include:

  • Reiterating the concept of ‘Netflix and Chill’ to form ‘KFC Binge Night‘ with creators for an immersive experience of gaming, chatting and binging on their favourite KFC meals.
  • Supported Adidas for their new product launch with an inculcation of gamers’ lifestyle.
  • Launched a new produced called ‘Game On’ for Muscleblaze through influencer marketing.
  • Created high quality content for L’Oréal & Maybelline to match the style of these brands.
  • Created a new Gaming IP for MSI called Game On with Pros.
  • Explored innovative content with Colorful to create funny videos, interactive livestreams, lifestyle shots and increase goodwill and awareness of the brand.
  • Some other collaborations included names like Tinder, Netflix, Old Spice, Nickelodeon, Redbull, Upgrad, Unacademy, Intel, LogitechG, LOCO, Acer, Asus, WD Black and many more.

Alpha Zegus has a long list of renowned creators under their wing. The marketing agency represents more than 30 creators such as Rakazone Gaming, Xyaa, Hydraflick, Tbone, Kaashvi. They have ties with big names from the Indian esports ecosystem such as SkyEsports, EsportsXO and F1-LS.

Alpha Zegus is currently launching their new initiative to promote the underdogs in the community and provide them with a platform to grow. This new campaign is called as ‘India’s Next Alpha’ where Alpha Zegus will be scouting for deserving talent in second and third tiers of competition. They aim to recognize good talent and nurture them in a way that will lead to the growth of Indian gaming ecosystem.

Talking about the future plans, it was revealed that Alpha Zegus is already in works to create some creative digital IPs, that fuse gaming, entertainment, and lifestyle. They also plan to expand into lifestyle marketing.

Alpha Zegus has an ambitious goal to transform marketing in Indian gaming industry and step it up to a new level and their progress is a testimony that they are reaching towards it in a steady fashion.

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