Valorant Patch 4.08 Will Buff and Nerf Neon Simultaneously

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After a long wait, the official patch notes of Valorant 4.08 has been revealed by Riot Games. While several changes had already been leaked in the past, the patch has also brought in some significant changes to Neon that has caught the community off-guard.

The upcoming patch 4.08 will buff and nerf Neon at the same time. Some mechanics involving her Slide has also been changed to make it “a lot more natural when engaging in fights.”

Here are the changes that Neon will receive in Episode 4 Act 3, as stated in the patch notes:


  • Battery energy received upon killing an enemy increased 25%>>>100%

High Gear

We’ve noticed Neon has faced some friction when using movement to lead into combat, specifically failed inputs due to the velocity restriction. We hope these changes help with making her slide a lot more natural when engaging in fights.

  • Slide cannot be cast during equip delay
  • Velocity restriction removed
  • Neon can now slide sideways and forward, and only requires that she is moving
  • Energy drain increased 6.7/s>>>10/s

Fast Lane

  • Wall damage removed

As we can see from the changes, the energy drain has been increased from 6.7 per second to a whopping 10 per second, which is a significant Nerf to the Duelist’s mobility. Neon’s wall damage from Fast Lane has also been removed, and will no longer enemies pushing through it.

On the other hand, her energy restoration when killing an enemy has been increased from 25% to 100%, which is a massive buff. Other than this, her slide no longer has a velocity restriction and can be done in any direction, helping her maneuver across the battlefield much easily during heated engagements.

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