Riot Pays Tribute to ‘Revive Me Jett’ Meme Creator by introducing Finest Player card

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Riot Games has announced that they will be paying a tribute to Lance “Finest” Arcilla, the voice behind the iconic ‘Revive me Jett’ meme in Valorant, through the upcoming Episode 4 Act 3 Battle Pass. 

According to a recent Tweet by Riot, the next Battle Pass will contain the ‘Finest’ title that can be equipped by players to carry forward the legacy of the meme’s creator. 

“In the upcoming Episode 4 Act III Battlepass, we pay tribute to Lance “Finest” Arcilla, who gave the VALORANT community so many unforgettable moments of joy,” the official Valorant Twitter handle posted. “In his honor, all players can now carry his name with them.”

Within its short two-year life span, Valorant has seen a number of memes surfacing from time to time. However, most avid fans will agree in unison that the ‘Revive me Jett’ meme is perhaps the most iconic of them all. 

Not only has the short clip brought a smile to millions of Valorant fans throughout the world, but it’s also almost as old as the title’s release itself.

The event had previously been immortalized by Riot through a spray that was available as a Battle Pass reward in the past.

VALORANT Player lance arcilla known for 'Revive Me Jett' Meme Passes Away

The Valorant community was disheartened when the tragic news of Lance Arcilla passing away at the age of 21 surfaced earlier this month. It was first shared by her mother, Leny Arcilla, through a Facebook post where the Valorant community paid their respects.

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