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Best Players From VCT Masters Copenhagen


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The second Master Events of the year concluded with FPX edging out Paper Rex to lift the Valorant Champions Tour Masters Copenhagen Trophy. The Grand finale was one of the most fantastic series in Valorant History

The group stage was an extremely close affair while the level of individual players escalated with players trying to outplay each other. The VCT Masters Copenhagen was undoubtedly one of the best Valorant events.

In no particular order, let’s look at the top 5 players at VCT Masters Copenhagen.


Shao and Suygetsu were the strongest players in the tournament and for FPX and are responsible for dragging FPX out of the mud. Shao, especially in the group stage, made a statement almost single-handedly carrying FPX out of the group stage. 

Shao also was faced with the most clutches and won the most number of clutches, winning 21 clutches out of the 83 presented with a win percentage of 25%, and it seemed he always came out on top in a clutch situation.

He was undeniably the best player in the tournament.

ACS - 218.6 K/D - 1.18 KPR - 0.76 MultiKill % - 18.9% 1vX% - 25.3%


Coming in late at the tournament, Suygetsu still had a tremendous impact, along with Shao. Suygetsu always seemed to be carrying FPX on his shoulders. Suygetsu hit the ground running at the lower bracket and was one of the top-rated players for FPX more often than not.

ACS - 215.5 K/D - 1.22 KPR - 0.81 Multikill % - 20% 1vX% - 15.3%


The young prodigy was one of the best duelists in the tournament and had an insane impact in most rounds, playing Raze with utter perfection. 

Jinggg was a crucial part of Paper Rex’s triumph over teams. Even when the team did not perform well, Jinggg managed to impact the server. Having the highest ACS in the tournament, Jinggg also becomes the first player to ace at the Grand finals. 

ACS - 262.1 K/D - 1.08 KPR - 0.86 Multikill % - 25.4% First Blood Sucess Rate - 59%


The second half of the attacking duo of Paper Rex, f0rsakeN, shocked the world with his Yoru plays at Reykjavik. He repeated the same at Copenhagen, almost spearheading the Paper Rex attack with Jinggg, and was one of the reasons for Paper Rex’s success.

ACS - 231.4 K/D - 1.06 KPR - 0.83 Multikill % - 23.3% First Blood Sucess Rate - 49%


 El Diablo started the tournament weak but came into his own since the second match, bullying the competition into submission. Yay was back in form, carrying optic through unbelievable rounds. Though optic fell to FPX, they still showed what they are capable of and were placed third in the tournament.

ACS - 246 K/D -1.22 KPR - Multikill % - 22.6% First Blood Sucess Rate - 58% 1vX% - 16%

Let’s look at the stat-wise best player of VCT Masters Copenhagen:

  • Highest K/D: Yay – 1.22
  • Highest ACS: Jinggg – 262.1
  • Highest Kills in a Single Map: Boaster -31
  • Highest KPR: Jinggg – 0.86
  • Most Clutches: Shao – 22
  • Highest Clutch Success Rate: Mindfreak -35%
  • Highest First Blood Success Rate: Tacolillazh – 67%
  • Most Multi kills: ardiis -122
  • Highest Multi kill %: Jinggg – 25.4%

Apart from these players, the level of competition all around rose. Teams from around the world displayed their way of playing Valorant and sent a message that there are no minor regions in Valorant.

With the group stage having the most maps played, The VCT Masters Copenhagen was one of the most successful Valorant Tournaments to date.

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