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Growing Similarities Between Esports Fantasy and Online Casinos

Esports and online casinos are two notable gaming categories in the gambling industry. These two have significantly contributed to the growth of the gambling industry.

In comparison, other industries experienced a negative downturn during the pandemic, but the gambling industry has become more robust. 

You can trace the strength of the gambling industry to both esports and online casinos. These two have maintained some similarities that will aid their ability to thrive in difficult times. Aside from perks like the free sign-up bonuses on CasinoHEX.in, which is also common in esports, there are other things esports and online casinos have in common.

Esports is a world of organized and competitive video gaming. On the other hand, online casinos are platforms where players can stake on games such as slots and table games. The striking similarities between these two gambling platforms are explored below;

  • Video games 

Video gaming is a striking similarity between esports and online casinos. Video games are available on both platforms. However, online casinos only integrate video games as part of their game. The entirety of esports is about video games in a highly competitive environment.

  • Online service

Esports and online casinos are both available to players online. As such, it has become easy to access and engage in such platforms. Both gaming categories are rapidly expanding in visibility and reach by leveraging advancements in technology. Players can visit the websites, register, and select a game to play effortlessly.

Likewise, they both make use of mobile apps for accessible gaming on the go. Aside from visiting the website, players can download the app and play conveniently on mobile devices. 

  • Bonus offer for the player

Players like bonus offers, and both online casinos and esports offer players different bonus packages to bring and keep them. First, new members get welcome bonuses to start their gaming adventure.

The offering of bonuses to players has contributed immensely to the growth of both gaming categories. Also, bonuses are used to reward loyal players on the platforms.

  • Game revolution

Both esports and online casinos are a revolution of the traditional gambling system. A few decades back, casino games were played onsite. Players visit the casino house and then queue to bet on a slot machine or a table game with a live dealer. Today, you can register and start gaming online at the corner of your room whenever you want it.

Likewise, you must be present at the pitch to bet on sports in the past. Esports platforms now allow players to bet on virtual sports and games online. The revolution and modernizing of gambling are both attributes of esports and online casinos.

  • Implementation of virtual reality

The technological advancement in the gambling industry is unprecedented. Virtual reality technology has been in use in both esports and online casinos. Both make use of this device to enhance the game playing experience. The use of emerging technologies in online casinos and esports has given the games an edge over other gambling activities.

Esports uses virtual reality to give players a beyond virtual experience. Players can visualize the game more like being present on the spot of playing. Also, the majority of online casinos that offer live dealer games use Virtual reality. This technology allows the player to bet on live games and engage the game even away from the casino.

  • Registration requirement

Both esports and online casinos require players to register on the platform before playing a game. Account creation ensures the casinos strictly discourage underage gambling participation. Once you create an account, you can carry out transactions like deposits and withdrawals. 

However, some online casinos offer instant gaming, but there’s a limit to the games that are accessible this way. Games like the live dealer and table games will require the player to create an account on the platform.

  • License for operation

Governments of different countries seek to regulate gambling activities in their jurisdiction. As such, esports and online casinos often seek licensing rights from their respective regulatory bodies to offer legal games to players. It becomes illegal if esports or online casinos operate without a license.

Licensing also allows the agency to monitor the activities of casinos and esports platforms properly. It checks for the game activity, cost of playing, and the T&C. All of these attempts to ensure that the platforms are not exploiting consumers.

  • Data protection

It is the sole responsibility of gambling platforms to protect the data of their players. Since registration is needed to participate, the casino must highly secure the platform. As such, online casinos and esports both use top encryption technology to keep consumers’ data safe.

Likewise, playing on these gambling platforms requires making a deposit. As such, players may need to input their bank details for payment or verification. These details are confidential and must be highly protected. Esports and online casinos, therefore, made it a point of duty to protect such data.


Gambling is fast becoming a growing industry in the world. All thanks to online casinos and esports that are championing that course. They both share similar features which excite gamblers and encourage consistent playing.

Esports and online casinos are massively adopting technology to beautify their offerings and the integration with social media is an idea that has been paying out.

Prashant Shankar
Prashant Shankar
Electronics engineer, CSGO & cricket enthusiast. Excited to see where content writing takes me.
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