Valkyrae Announces Break From Streaming After Two-Year Anniversary of YouTube Move

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In a Tweet posted in December 2021, popular streamer Rachell ‘Valkyrae’ Hofstetter revealed that her contract with YouTube would expire on 15th January, 2022. In a recent announcement, the star has confirmed that she’ll be stepping away from the platform for a while after her two-year anniversary of her move to YouTube.

“Tomorrow is going to be my last stream for a while,” the 30-year-old said during a livestream on January 14. “It is my two-year anniversary of streaming on YouTube. I’ve been streaming on YouTube for two years.”

While she didn’t reveal if she would be staying on YouTube or switching to a different streaming platform entirely, Valkyrae emphasized that she’d be gone “for a while,” while claiming that her announcement video wasn’t ready.

“I’m gonna be gone for a while because the announcement video isn’t ready,” Valkyrae said. “I can’t really stream on said platform until the announcement video is posted and I don’t know when it’s going to be ready.”

A lot of Valkyrae fans on social media platforms have started speculating that she might be switching to Twitch or Facebook Gaming after the expiration of her YouTube contract.

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