Twitch-made Pokimane Animation To Be Up At New York Times Square

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Times Square, known to be a major commercial intersection in the United States is set to feature advertisements of Twitch Streamers Imane “Pokimane” Anys and Tyler “Ninja” Blevins. 

Earlier today on Twitter, Twitch released a series of animations, including those of Pokimane, Ninja and Timothy “TimTheTatman” John Betar which will be displayed on the billboards of the famous Time Square in New York.

These short clips have exclusively been produced by Twitch in a bid to give a shout out to their most popular streamers and every one of them ends with the title “The Legend of”

Pokimane and Ninja currently are the most famous streamer personalities on Twitch, an American video live streaming service.

The subscriber count of both have hit new heights as together they have over 24 Million subscribers from their channels (Ninja’s Subscriber count:16.7M Approx, Pokimane’s Subscriber count: 7.8M Approx).

The animated clips have been hyped over the internet, mainly on Twitter and they do depict a funny resemblance of the above-mentioned streamers.

pokimane times square

In her clip, Pokimane is shown to have bright purple hair along with her cat Mimi who also has been featured in the clip.

In the latter, she is plotted to have armed the “super-human ability to befriend everyone” and could also be an “human avatar of her cat Mimi”. Alongside, it has also been said that Pokimane has also “silenced a few trolls” which is indeed true.

Pokimane is the founder of OfflineTV and was featured in the 2021 Forbes 30 under 30, under the category of Games.

In the Legend of Ninja video, dubbed as “According to his Twitch chat”, Ninja in his childhood unlocked a supernatural headband that helped him unlock his true potential. In the clip, his “Mixer move” has also been mentioned where he disappeared but came back to Twitch, in a “more Ninja-y way than ever before”

In 2019, Ninja left Twitch to continue his streaming career on Mixer but eventually made his return to the former after Microsoft decided to cease operations of their streaming service in the middle of 2020. Upon his return, he signed a multi-year contract with Twitch in September, 2020.

For now, there has been no official date set for the release of these adverts by Twitch. Stay tuned with us at TalkEsport for more updates on the same.

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