Trans Vtubers Call For Twitch to Take Action Against Hate Raid

Hogwarts Legacy

Hogwarts Legacy has driven a wedge in the Twitch community where a significant number of users are calling for the game to be boycotted following homophobic comments from JK Rowling.

Although the game has become very popular despite calls for mass boycotts, everyone against it has taken to Twitch to express their concern. Given that HL is already one of the most popular games on the planet, everyone is streaming on platforms like Twitch.

Many streamers have reported facing hate raids, where a group of viewers joins the stream to destroy the environment, making it difficult for the streamers to retain viewers, and more recently a Trans Vtuber has spoken up against this harassment.

Recently it is noticed that a large number of Trans streamers are coming across hate raids where a group joins in as followers, often with homophobic account names and spreading hate speech in the comment section.

Twitch in their attempt to deal with the issue implemented some tools but one of the Vtubers had this to say “This helped for a while, but the hate raids never truly stopped, and in the past month, they have picked up again with more vicious methods of getting around the verification system.”

In addition to hate raids, streamers have also reported death and dox threats for streaming Hogwarts Legacy. Twitch is trying its best to drive this hate train away from streamers but their attempts have gone in vain by this point.

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