Streamers react to Sykkuno merch drop: Pokimane, Bella Poarch, QTCinderella, and more

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The highly anticipated Sykkuno merch drop is here and like everyone expected, they are selling like hot cakes. Given his relationship to other popular streamers, his merch has attracted a lot of attention which explains the hype surrounding it.

Sykkuno ranks among the top 50 most followed Twitch channels and for someone like him to drop merch that gets a lot of attention is quite normal. His highly devoted fanbase and his unique style attracted a lot sales.

Several of his friends including Bella Porach, Pokimane and Valkyrae has tuned in to purchase them which is why they are massively popular. Every one of Twitch streamers are equally excited to see the new merch and given the reaction of the community, everyone is liking the the designs.

With more streamers tuning in to buy them, the stocks will be over by the time this piece reaches you.

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