Ninja gets trolled on Twitter after rebranding announced “Ninjoi”

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Ninja has grown from a professional Halo player, to a celebrity Twitch streamer. Ninja is not just another streamer anymore, even after leaving Twitch for Mixer and coming back, Ninja retains one of the larges fan bases on the platform.

Tyler Blevins has successfully created a brand of himself, with this legion of followers that any celebrity can get jealous of. In the gaming space, there are a very few who are as sought after as Ninja.

In a recent Tweet, Ninja announced the rebranding of the Ninja brand and Twitter didn’t take it kindly.

The rebranding, like most rebranding isn’t appreciated by the community or his fans. The majority of the community did not like the new branding as they prefer the old one to it.

Several personalities and organization has openly trolled it. The most recent one comes in from popular esports organization Sentinels.

We all can agree that the new logo isn’t as intuatuive as its predecessors and for the same reason many people are finding it hard to accept it, given Ninja previously set the standards for branding in esports.

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