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Top 5 Best Characters For Rushers In Free Fire MAX OB33

Free Fire Max is a multiplayer battle-royale game and similar to any other titles in the genre, it has a competitive ranked mode which ranks the players according to their skills and survivability. This game has many micro-mechanisms which greatly influence the final result of any match and one of the best ways to solidify a win is to use correct characters.

The in-game character system in Free Fire has existed since the start and hence, the game has a big pool of characters to offer. Each character has their own pros and cons and choosing a correct one for certain situations gives you an upper hand than your enemies. The active abilities of any character aids the user to play the game more efficiently.

The vital part about winning the game is understanding the mechanics and using them to your advantage. Selecting a perfect character is always the best way to start a match and we will help you to select the best match for you. Here is the list of top five Free Fire characters which can help you win ranked matches with the help of their aggressive playstyle.


1. A124’s Thrill of Battle: A124 is one of the best rushers in the game with her active skill. With this ability, she can disable enemy’s skill activation with an 8 metre radius. This ability can instantly nullify any kind of special ability than opponent can use, giving you a fair chance at winning the gun battle.

2. Jota’s Sustained Raids: Jota’s active skill helps him to recover HP while fighting his enemies. A knock can recover 20% of the HP lost, making him almost invincible if used with proper aiming. Use Jota to play aggressively without worrying about your health.

3. Otho’s Memory Mist: Otho is a strategic character as killing one of the enemies while using him will reveal other enemies close to him. This active skill can be levelled up and used to gather a lot of information in team battles.

4. Wukong’s Camouflage: Wukong is a lethal assassin as players can camouflage with his active ability and hide as a bush in the grass. This has a long cooldown, which resets after killing an enemy. You can use Wukong to get close to enemies and suprising them to get some free kills.

5. Alok’s Drop The Beat: This is one of the most used and overpowered abilities in Free Fire Max. Players using Alok can increase their movement speed as well as recover HP, making it very easy to rush on other players.

Here is the list of top five rushers that you can use in Free Fire Max. Make sure to use their ability as mentioned to get high number of kills in the game.

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