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Kick Employee Responds to Twitch CEO Claiming Poached Streamers Will Return

Loyalty or Lucrative Deals: What's the Future of Kick Streamers?

Twitch CEO was confident when claiming that Kick can suffer the same fate as Mixer with streamers as they might come back to the Amazon-owned streaming platform once their contract ends. However, Kick is confident about retaining their position upon the expiration of their contracts.

“I think it is a complete mistake to say, ‘The live stream market is fixed, I’m just going to take what the other guy has,’” Clancy said in a June 13 interview. “As soon as [Kick] stops paying them, they’re going to come right back.”

Surprisingly, Kick has doubled down on this strategy, and streamers leaving happens to be a part of their business plan.  Kick’s Head of Strategic Partnerships, Andrew Santamaria, agrees with Twitch’s CEO on this and further explains their strategy.

“As business evolves, people will cross-pollinate to other places. That’s a fact. Actors switch to different studios. That’s the beautiful thing about competition,” he explained.

“We enter into contracts with people, and not everyone can be a winner, but at the same time, if they add Kick to their diet like they are, that’s a win for us. That’s a win for the industry.”

“This is damage control. This is fantastic. Here’s the other thing, when people go back to other platforms, wherever they came from, we’re still part of the streaming diet,” he reiterated. “That’s a massive win for everyone.”

Kick has pulled some of Twitch’s biggest names, but only time can tell if they will continue to stream there after their contract expires or head back to the purple side.

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