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Jake Paul defends Nina Agdal ahead of Logan Paul vs Dillon Danis match

In the upcoming match between Logan Paul and Dillon Daniels, Jake Paul has stepped out to defend Nina Agdal in light of recent criticism online.

As the October 14th fight between Dillon and Logan approaches, the former UFC fighter has escalated the situation by launching deeply personal attacks on the YouTuber-turned-wrestler.

He has relentlessly targeted Logan’s fiancée, Nina Agdal, by sharing fabricated photos of her with other men and a few real ones, leading to Nina filing a lawsuit against Dillon.

“When he tweets about anything other than Nina, no one cares, it doesn’t get good engagement,” Jake said.

“Yeah, he makes jokes, but it’s largely in part that he’s exploiting Nina and there are so many hurt males out there that can’t get girls and they’re the ones that are like ‘yeah, f*ck girls, f*ck women, I love what Dillon is doing’ and they know they won’t ever get a hot girl.

“Now they’re finding a way out to unleash their hate through this super hateful, insecure male who is clearly, clearly a very hurt person.”

Now that the personal life of Logan Paul is in the picture, the fight is going to be more intense but if all of this has got to Logan and for some reason he is not able to concentrate, Dillon’s tactics would have done their job.

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