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New Counter Strike 2 Update Aims To Fix Its Peeker’s Advantage Problem

Counter Strike 2 is still in its testing phase, which is why bugs and glitches aren’t that uncommon to be found in the game. While the devs are generally swift to patch out the majority of these issues, there has been a persistent problem that players of the title have been constantly complaining about – peeker’s advantage. 

For the uninitiated, peeker’s advantage is a common mechanic in online multiplayer games. It occurs when a player peeks around a corner or angle, allowing them to spot an enemy before the enemy has a chance to spot them.

While peeker’s advantage was also prominent in CSGO, players claim that it has gotten way worse in CS2, with players with high ping abusing this mechanic to score free kills. Fortunately, it seems that the developers have already taken note of the issue, as Valve has recently shipped an update to CS2 that aims to fix this problem.

A gameplay change from the September 14th patch notes for CS2 states that the lag compensation has been rebalanced “to favor lower-latency players”, which is likely to fix the peeker’s advantage problem in the game. However, the effectiveness of this change in addressing the issue is yet to be determined.

In case you’re curious to check out the detailed patch notes of the newest CS2 update, you can check out the official blog post by Valve. We have also included it below for your convenience:

[ MAPS ]

  • Anubis
    • Various clipping adjustments


  • Rebalanced lag compensation to favor lower-latency players
  • Fixed a bug where dropped grenades were invisible
  • Fixed a bug where dropped bombs and weapons would appear in the wrong location

[ MISC ]

  • Various bug fixes and tweaks to weapon finishes

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