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IShowSpeed calls for support with Apple Vision Pro but pulls Messi vs Ronaldo into it

IShowSpeed has once again pulled the “Messi vs Ronaldo” debate while on a call with an Apple Employee trying to fix his Apple Vision Pro VR headset and ends up getting a hilarious response.

Apple has just started to hand out its Vision Pro VR headsets to the world and its mindblowing features have people across the globe excited. It has presented the future of spatial computing and while it may not be perfect and certainly not the first VR headset, Apple has made sure to integrate it into their ecosystem well enough to make it fit into the daily lives of consumers like no headset ever did.

Vision Pro comes with the usual troubles of first-gen products and while everyone is getting used to it, IShowSpeed ran into trouble thus leading him to call an Apple support employee to seek help.

During his call with the Apple employee, Speed randomly dropped the question to him asking what side of the “Messi vs Ronaldo” debate is he on.

“It’s just a question, actually Ronaldo or Messi Ric, Ronaldo or Messi?… Just choose one please, that’s all I am asking.”  asked Speed. To which the Apple employee took his time and chose Messi, thus triggering Speed.

“Rick what the f*ck… He was a Messi fan the whole f*cking time, that’s why it didn’t f*cking work, he was a Messi fan that’s why it is f*cking broke, I got scammed chat I ain’t gonna lie.” he said after learning that he was a Messi fan.

While Speed may be disappointed, the Messi fans in the chat were having the time of their lives pulling his leg. Speed is known for his eccentric reactions when things don’t go his way and this was just another one of those times and fans took their sweet time to squeeze fun out of it.

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