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Twitch Involved NCMEC in Dr Disrespect’s Controversy

Did Dr Disrespect's Actions Lead to an NCMEC Investigation?

According to a report from prominent insider Slasher, Twitch had to go to the National Center of Missing and Exploited Children or NCMEC to report Dr Disrespect after he was banned from Twitch for sexting a minor.

Dr Disrepect was one of the biggest names on Twitch when the controversy unfolded and it wasn’t until June of 2024 that anyone got a hint of what happened. His ban remained one of the internet best best-kept secrets until a former Twitch employee exposed it supposedly after his NDA ran out.

Doc was only sentenced to a Twitch ban at the time now prominent sponsors have severed ties with him but no government organization has taken it upon themselves to investigate the matter, not publicly at least. Since then, he went away on an indefinite break with little to no chance of making a comeback.

“I did public records requests at courthouses across SoCal and never found anything. This is corroborated by Mikhail Klimentov, whose colleagues at The Washington Post did the same,” said Slasher to Dexerto.

“The Twitch source I have confirmed they reported to NCMEC, but anything after that in terms of a potential law enforcement organization, I do not have information of,” he added.

Slasher cited his source to be someone associated with Twitch who confirms that the NCMEC was involved but he cannot say for sure what became of the investigation. Now that the Doc has partly admitted to wrongdoing while harping on the fact that he hasn’t done anything illegal, it is quite possible that the investigation did not yield a concrete verdict.

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