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FIREDUP Gaming Annihilate Slow Aimers with a 2-0 Win in RUSH B CSGO Tournament

MithilF’s FIREDUP send Slow Aimers packing to the loser’s bracket where they now await their opponent for a shot to stay alive in the tournament. 

FIREDUP Gaming vs Slow Aimers Match Details

  • FIREDUP Gaming Vs Slow Aimers
  • Online: Best of 3

Map Veto

  • Slow Aimers ban Mirage
  • FIREDUP Gaming Gaming ban Anubis
  • Slow Aimers pick Overpass
  • FIREDUP Gaming pick Inferno
  • Slow Aimers ban Nuke
  • FIREDUP Gaming  ban Vertigo
  • Ancient was left over

Map 1: Overpass (Pick: Slow Aimers, Winner: FIREDUP Gaming, Final Score: 16:3)

Overpass started off with FIREDUP running away with a comfortable 8-0 lead on their defense thanks to ChAmP and GhosTTTTizZback who set up the initial rhythm for their team, converting post plants into successful retakes. It was the 9th round where Slow Aimers were finally able to bag their first round, with Vishal and 5m0ke getting the best out of MithilF and company as they annihilated the reinforcements set up on the A bombsite. 

The first half went into the favor of FIREDUP Gaming as they ended with a scoreline of 12-3, forcing Slow Aimers to revise their strategy before going into the second. Nothing much could the latter do as it was once again FIREDUP who came out with all their guns blazing on their attack, locking out Slow Aimers that too on their CT side. Rider of FIREDUP was determined as the best player from Overpass with 24 kills at the cost of just 10 deaths, 3 assists and ADR of 128.40 across the map. 

Map 2: Inferno (Picked and Won By: FIREDUP, Final Score: 16-6)

Inferno too started off in the same fashion as Overpass with FIREDUP Gaming taking control and forcing out Slow Aimers from their positions. GhosTTTTizZback struck again with a  marvelous 2k to further extend the lead for FIREDUP which saw the Mumbai-based side rack up straight 6 rounds to make it scale the scoreline into their favor, 11-1. The duo of ChAmP and Rider once again were phenomenal in putting FIREDUP onto the driver’s seat as they easily cruised past their opponent, 13-2 in the first half. 

Coming from the break, Slow Aimers tried to crawl their way back into the game as they team aced the pistol round and got the 18th and 19th rounds before FIREDUP bought their equipment from the armory and ending it once for all, pushing down Slow Aimers to the Lower Bracket. 

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