PUBGM teams Phoenix Esports and ETP banned for an year

Phoenix Esports and Eighteen Plus banned from PUBG Mobile tournaments for 1 year

PUBG Mobile teams from Vietnam named Pheonix Esports and Eighteen Plus Esports (ETP) are officially banned from all PUBG Mobile tournaments for an year after they were caught teaming up in an official tournament.

Teaming is a big offence in competitive PUBG Mobile. Hence, the organization or their players won’t be competing anytime soon.

Teaming up in PUBG Mobile Esports strategically plans arrangements with opponent teams or players to gain a mutual advantage or benefit for both parties. This is a serious offence as the competition’s integrity is at stake.

PUBG Mobile Esports Indonesia uploaded a post on their official Instagram handles, making this big announcement. This incident occurred in the PMPL SEA Championship Playin stage, where the accused were caught cheating.

According to the release, Pheonix Esports and ETP were seen teaming up in the official event. To avoid this situation in the future, the officials have taken a stringent step to remove them from the competition itself.

Moving forwards, the groups could be adjusted in such a way that the loss of two teams will not entirely affect the state of competition. PMPL SEA Championship is already underway and such investigations shed a light of some malpractices happening behind the scenes.