PUBG Mobile Royale Pass Season 13 – All you need to know

A new season of PUBG Mobile means a brand new Royale Pass with tons of weapons skins, dance emotes, clothes, bag pack & helmet skins and much more. Let’s have a closer look at season 13’s Royale Pass.

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This season’s theme revolves around toys and is somewhat similar to that of “Power Rangers” with three different costumes to choose from. Also, this season players will be able to pick between AG UC and normal UC from the Royale Pass. There will be an event by the name of “Toy Mastery” in which players can unlock three different forms of “Puppet Agent Set” by completing certain in-game missions.

These are the rewards in Season 13’s Royale Pass:

  • Level 1- Puppet Agent Set (basic) and Rock ‘n’ Roll Aug Skin
  • Level 5- Puppet Agent Mask (basic)
  • Level 10- Smoke Grenade Skin
  • Level 15- Royale Pass Avatar (season 13)
  • Level 20- Hotdogmobile Motorcycle Skin
  • Level 25- Pineapple Prince Ornament
  • Level 30- Rock n Roll set
  • Level 35- Dynamic Wave Dance
  • Level 40- Rock n Roll Helmet Skin
  • Level 45- Royale Pass Frame
  • Level 50- Fire Ranger Set
  • Level 55- Draw Bow MVP Emote
  • Level 60- 8-bit Fort Finish (Aeroplane Skin)
  • Level 65- Ultra Defender Avatar (Season 13)
  • Level 70- Puppet Agent Set (Advanced)
  • Level 75- Puppet Agent Mask (Intermediate)
  • Level 80- Bag Lunch Backpack
  • Level 85- Ultra Defender Crate
  • Level 90- Toy Alliance (Vector Skin)
  • Level 95- Nebula Hero Emote
  • Level 100- Nebula Hero Set + Headgear

This season’s Royale Pass surely looks amazing.

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