Zimo signed by Team Weibo for $1.9M

Honor of Kings professional player named Zimo was recently acquired by Team Weibo for a whopping amount of $1.89 million making him the most expensive mobile esports player across any title. Zimo initially played for a team called eStarPro and was bidded 76 times before being signed by Team Weibo.

Honor of Kings is the Chinese version of Arena of Valor and is one of the biggest esports title in the world. Even though the tournaments are limited to China, the revenue generated by its franchised structure is unparalleled.

King Pro League is the seasonal Honor of Kings tournament where teams can qualify from competing into multiple regional tournaments or get a franchised slot for a particular amount. King Pro League is still an essentially franchised league and hence produces a large amount of revenue.

As the competition and finances are very high in this esports, the player signings are a big deal. Zimo is a renowned player and the auction itself is the testimony to his value. His bidding took a long time as the total number of bids reached 76 before he was signed by Team Weibo.

Team Weibo locked the deal for ¥ 12,000,000 and set a record in transfer fees. This bidding makes Zimo the most expensive mobile esports player in the world.

Mobile esports is a growing exponentially and China are at the forefront of it due to the popularity of games like Honor of Kings and PUBG Mobile. China is the home of some of the best players and teams on the planet and such deals gives an idea of how big this industry can grow in the world.