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You can now earn bitcoins by playing CSGO

While playing Valve’s well-known, free-to-play, first-person shooter (FPS) title Counter-Strike: Global Offensive you can soon earn money. Though everyone dreamed of an opportunity to earn by playing video games, only a few professional players, streamers, and influencers achieved it while they enjoyed playing their favorite video games. 

The opportunity to earn for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive underdogs, semi-pros, and several enthusiasts is well on its way.  A Bitcoin startup, ZEBEDEE, will soon launch a platform that would let players earn in Bitcoins while they play CSGO. It will launch its first ten servers later this week with Infuse technology for BTC. The transactions will be handled by Lightning Network.

CEO and co-founder of ZEBEDEE Simon Cowell assert that the hype and excitement among CSGO players are unprecedented.

“The announcement of our Bitcoin integration with CSGO has resonated with gamers in a way I haven’t seen before in blockchain gaming,” Cowell said to Decrypt. “Waitlist sign-ups are already enough to keep our first 10 servers full, so we plan to expand capacity very soon. I have a good feeling that we’ve finally cracked the infiltration of crypto into mainstream gaming,” he further added.

The game has a million concurrent players at times which peaked at 1.3M players in 2020. The esports scene is also highly competitive with rising prize pools besides the hardcore fans.

You will have to download ZEBEDEE’s desktop app to join Infuse technology-powered CSGO servers. Deposit Bitcoins and start playing, your winnings depend on several factors including your kills, deaths, score, pot, etc. Cashing out is simple and can be undertaken at any point in time.

“The biggest revolution will be for ordinary players. “At the moment, esports tournaments are only open to a small elite of pros who win all the money,” said Cowell.

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