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xQc thinks YouTube is making a mistake by removing the dislike button

Felix Lengyel aka xQc knows a thing or two about content creation and has put his wisdom in use to warn YouTube against their decision to remove the dislike button which according to them has evolved into a medium for bullying and harassment.

Anyone who has been using YouTube is familiar with “dislike attacks”, where fanbases often flock to the videos of a rival YouTuber and dislike their videos. As wrong as it sounds, we can’t argue against xQc, that this is one of the most essential features of the platform.

The announcement from YouTube sent shockwaves through the community and greatly divided it into two major schools of thought. Some believe that this would be a step towards fighting bullying and harassment on the platform while others who lean with xQc see this as a big mistake.

“This just isn’t it,” “If you stand for dogsh*t values, you’re an asshat, you say bullsh*t in your videos, why should you,” he said.

“If you take away this system, anyone can come in, and say anything. Whenever a corporation or brand comes out with a disgusting, trash video that is full of evil things that they’re promoting, they’ll still have a perfect 100% like ratio,” he added.

Even though the dislike button has grown into a major part of the YouTube ecosystem, the pros and cons of it cannot be weighed with debates across online forums. The change is imminent and we have to wait and see how it plays out when YouTube rolls out this update.


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